Yung I.C.E.

Illinois Coldest Ever 

Yung Ice sprung onto the scene around 2008 and has been setting the par ever since.  Having grown up around not until studios he has seen its progression through out the years and has contributed to the company for years.  He did a and r research on the big d album and has spent many of hours on both sides of the glass in the recording studios. His ability has set him apart right from his entrance, he has been turning heads.  He has one of the quickest styles in the area, hence the ackronem ice, he has done many of mixtapes, and has been featured on the g-unit mixtapes, he has also been featured on the delusion presents series, many of shows alongside rappers like the hall of fame, eight fifteen international, as well as others, he keeps his catalog full of tracks as he continues to drop them at a steady pace, he also is the ceo of 32 below entertainment.  absouletly a upcoming artist to keep an eye on, and we sure love to have him at the not until studios...


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